Litters and Puppies for Sale

/Litters and Puppies for Sale
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Current litters and available German Shepherd Puppies.

Please see below for pictures of each Litter.

H litter born on 04/19/19  – 3 males, 2 females


Hill vom Hismerh

Figi vom Hismerh

E litter born on 04/11/19  – 1 male, 4 females


Esko vom Hismerh

Queena von Topolovnicka

G litter born on 04/19/19  – 1 male, 4 females


Oudeis Degli Achei

Jennifer Terra Silva

D litter born on 03/12/19  – 2 black males, 1 long coat 1 stack coat black&red males, 1 black female, 2 black&red females


HDb, EDa, KKL, IPO2, V. Aksland Via Ikaro

HDa, EDa, IPO1, V, Jacumba vom Fanino

C litter born on 02/17/19  – 4 males, 1 stock coat female, 2 long hear females


Yankee vom Hismerh

Gucci von Mittelmeer Bail