Litters and Puppies for Sale

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Current litters and available German Shepherd Puppies.

Please see below for pictures of each Litter.

T litter born on 01/24/19  – 5 males, 3 females


Sire Oudeis degli Achei

Dam Zavist Bogov Yarmina

W litter born on 12/08/2018 – 3 males 5 females 


Sire V Oudeis degli Achei

Dam De Orse Mak Flai Fike

X litter born on 12/14/2018 – 3 males 6 females 


Sire V1 Mak Sieger 2016 Djambo vom Aurelisbrandt

Dam SG1 Olivia1 vom Hismerh

Y litter born on 01/02/2019 – 3 males (1 long coat) 4 females


V1 Mak Sieger 2016 Djambo vom Aurelisbrandt

Dam Megi Zedesen Dog