Current litters and available German Shepherd Puppies.

Please see below for pictures of each Litter. Scroll down for new litters.

S litter born on 08/18/2019 – 3 males, 5 females SOLD

3 time SG1 Whisky vom Hismerh

J-Xantia vom Hismerh

T litter born 08/30/2019  mating in Italy, 2 males 2 females SOLD

SG 29 BSZS 2019 , IGP2, KKL Ulkan Della Valcuvia

V1 , IPO1, KKL for life Ellen

U litter born 09/01/2019  3 males 2 females, this mating is from Europe SOLD

Bred vom Radhaus

Zara De La Madonina

V litter born 09/12/2019   2 solid black males 3 solid black females, 1 standart female

Whisky vom Hismerh

Aksland Via Ibitsa

W litter born 09/14/2019 5 females


Yankee vom Hismerh

Bellissima Del Seprio

X litter born 09/20/2019 2 males 4 females


Hill vom Hismerh

Ungana De La Nacio Catalana

Y litter born 09/28/2019 – 5 males ( 1 long coat) 4 females


Messi vom Haus Khan

Damma vom Radhaus

Z litter born 10/19/2019 – 1 male, 1 female


Whisky vom Hismerh

Ester vom Hismerh