Current litters and available German Shepherd Puppies.

Please see below for pictures of each Litter. Scroll down for new litters.

J litter born 12/27/2019  5 males, 3 females


Sire: SG29 BSZS 2018 Ulkan della Valcuvia

Dam: SG1 Bita Emsi-Haus napishite IPO1, KKL, SV

I litter born 12/18/2019 – 1 male, 5 females



Sire: SG1 Whisky vom Hismerh

Dam: SG1   Quina Topolovnicka

H litter born 12/15/2019 – 4 males, 4 females



Sire: SG12 SHZS 2016 Fire vom Finkenschlag

Dam: SG1 Vertu vom Hismerh

G litter born 12/02/2019 – 1 male, 1 female


Sire: SG1 Whisky vom Hismerh

Dam: Perla vom Haus Neoplantum

F litter born 11/27/2019 – 5 males, 4 females



Sire: Yankee vom Hismerh

Dam: Mira von Daron

E litter born 11/21/19  2 males 3 females – SOLD


Mating in Germany, with World famous Nox.

Sire: SG 2 BSZS Nox v. Tiroler Unterland

Dam: Yuma Haus Neoplantum

D litter born 11/19/19 – 3 males 3 females – SOLD


Mating made in Germany, with world famous Mars.
Mars is now sold from Germany to China and no longer available for stud.
Mars produced big size, strong head and bones, with dark pigment

Sire: VA11 BSZS 2019 Mars von Aurelius

Dam: IPO1, KKL, V, Milica Terra Silva

B litter born 11/19/19  –  5 males 3 females



Sire: VA1 Gary Huhnegrab

Dam: Una von Ljulin

C litter born 11/18/2019 – 3 males 6 females


Sire: Irok von Mining

Dam: Wallery von Mining